Find your perfect Bellagio Home on Lake Como Apr03


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Find your perfect Bellagio Home on Lake Como

Living in Bellagio Homes

Who wouldn’t want to live on the shores of Lake Como in Bellagio? This beautiful town sits on the shores of the Beautiful Lake Como in northern Italy and links the beauty of the valley with the stunning views of the nearby Alps.

Bellagio homes offer an experience nobody would ever want to leave, with the luxury of the town only matched by the beauty of this historic playground of the rich and famous.


Como Lake Bellagio homes in Italy

Excellent road and rail links bring travelers and residents to the shores of Lake Como and their beautiful Bellagio homes mostly from the fashion capital of Italy, Milan. The long, winding roads that slide down the sides of the hills of the province of Como are the perfect spot for those who love luxury cars to make a stunning entrance to the stunning town of Bellagio. Any entrance to the town is stunning and screams opulence, especially the hydrofoil that runs between Como and Bellagio each day and powers along the calm waters of the lake.

The town of Bellagio

The town sits on the shores of the stunning Lake Como, with houses dotted along the shoreline and on the hills that allow stunning views of the Lake throughout the year. No matter where Bellagio homes are located the exquisite juxtaposition of the Alps to the northern end of the lake sit side by side with the beauty of the architectural brilliance of the lake shore buildings and its historic homes.

The history of the region dates back to the arrival of the Roman Empire, who recognized the beauty and strategic importance of the site of modern day Bellagio. Whether deciding to live on the slopes of the hills or by the lake side, the elegance of Bellagio villas will make every resident or visitor quickly feel at home. From historic churches to the stunning architecture of Bellagio hotels and mansions, the region rightly lives up to its reputation as the place for all things luxurious.

Explore the beauty of the English style gardens of the Villa Melzi d’Eril, which features unique designs, a Venetian gondola and beautiful follies, to glimpse inside the mind of Napoleon. These opulent gardens reflect the style and image of luxury and decadence that still reigns amongst those lucky enough to call the beautiful town of Bellagio home.