MBA in Italy: get an international education Aug17


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MBA in Italy: get an international education

Italy is home to the western world’s oldest university, the University of Bologna. The Bologna process created the modern system of ECTS credits which are used by universities in Europe today. The idea behind ECTS is that an education from Europe should be portable around the continent and the world. This is perhaps the major benefit from obtaining an MBA in Italy – you will have a portable degree and a career which will take you around Europe and perhaps the world.

Business is global, and you should also ride the rising wave of global prosperity.


Get a global education with a Global MBA

The globe is the biggest untapped market, and employers are desperate to hire individuals with a global mindset. Not only do international markets offer additional opportunities for sales, international markets also offer additional product knowledge which can be used to improve products and services at home. International consumers might have tastes for products which may fall into line with tastes at home.

Another huge area of interest is in big data. Big data enables companies to learn more about customers through analysis of large data sets. This has plenty of real world applications in many different industries, including manufacturing, marketing, and finance. A sharp graduate with the skills for analyzing big data sets will have no trouble finding employment in Europe or abroad. An MBA will give you the skills you ned to pursue a career in this rapidly growing field.

Get an MBA in Italy


Italia: the best place to get an MBA

In pursuing an MBA in Italy, you will be better prepared for the future. No matter what your undergraduate or graduate background is, you will be able to launch an international career. The biggest names in industry are hiring plenty of recent MBA graduates at a rapid pace.

An MBA in Italy will also mean spending a large amount of time in a beautiful and vibrant Mediterranean setting. Italy has delicious food and amazing beaches which many young people love to visit. You will find that you have plenty of time to explore the beautiful Mediterranean city of Bologna while you are pursuing your graduate education. Italy is also in close proximity with many other European countries, giving you ample time to explore the continent and visit nearby countries.